Monday, March 30, 2009

Honeys Who TRI

triathlon season is officially here.  Queen Bee Sports is kicking off this week.  this is the time of year when i start hassling my clients to dust off their bikes, find those silly laces and remember how much effort it takes to put on a wetsuit.  i love it.  starting this group 4 years ago was just an idea.  i wanted to get women less intimidated about our sport and show them just how much fun and realistic a triathlete lifestyle can be.  i must give my gals MAJOR credit.  we have come a long way!  almost everyone in the group has clip on shoes for their bikes, most have faced their fears with the seas of north county and everyone in the group has completed at least one triathlon!  our Honeys Who Tri even have the most stylist colors on their kits thanks to kristen and betty designs.  this sunday is their first group ride of the season.  my plan is a nice easy one since i will just have finished the CA 70.3!  coast ride with the ladies and then brunch at the brig!  i have a full weekend on my plate and looking forward to every minute of it.

to your health,