Thursday, August 27, 2009

what if...

the hard realities of life have surrounded my small world recently.  i know life is short.  i know life isn't fair.  just what if life didn't take our closest relatives and best friends?  love the ones close to you and let them know you care because life is not fair and it's too short not too!

i love you G. Jackie, Jen and Christine.  you are all strong women and i know that will get you through this hard time.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

locally grown

Top 11 reasons to buy local.
"Buying locally is more important than organic. Local organic, if possible is the ideal way to go." 

1. Locally grown food tastes better.
Food grown in your own community was probably picked within hours. It's crisp, sweet and loaded with flavor. Produce flown or trucked in from California, Florida, Chile or Holland is quite understandably, much older. Several studies have shown that the average distance food travels from farm to plate is 1,500 miles! In a week-long (or more) delay from harvest to dinner table, sugars turn to starches, plant cells shrink, and produce loses its vitality.

2. Local produce is better for you.
A recent study showed that fresh produce loses nutrients quickly. Food that is frozen or canned soon after harvest is actually more nutritious that some "fresh" produce that has been on the truck or supermarket shelf for a week. Locally grown food, purchased soon after harvest, retains its nutrients.

3. Local food preserves genetic diversity.
In the modern industrial agriculture system, varieties are chosen for their ability to ripen simultaneously and withstand harvesting equipment; for a touch skin that can survive packaging and shipping; and for an ability to have a long shelf life in the store. Only a handful of hybrid varieties of each fruit and vegetables meet these rigorous demands, so there is little genetic diversity in the plants grown. Local farms, in contrast, grow a huge number of varieties to provide a long season of harvest, an array of eye catching colors, and the best flavors. Many varieties of heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation, because they taste good. These old varieties contain genetic material from hundreds or even thousands of ears of human selections; they may someday provide the genes needed to create varieties that will thrive in a changing climate.

4. Local food is GMO-free.
Although biotechnology companies have been trying to commercialize genetically modified fruits and vegetables, they are currently licensing them only to large factory-style farms. Local farmers don't have access to genetically modified seed, and most of them wouldn't use it even if they could. A June 2001 survey by ABC News showed that 93% of Americans want labels on genetically modified food- most so they can AVOID it. If you are opposed to eating bioengineered food, you can rest assured that locally grown produce was bred the old-fashioned way, as nature intended.
5. Local Food support local farm families.
With fewer than 1 million Americans now claiming farming as their primary occupation, farmers are a vanishing breed. And no wonder commodity prices are at historic lows, often below the cost of production. The farmer now gets less than 10 cents of the retailer food dollar. Local farmers who sell direct to consumers cut out the middle man and get full retail prices for their food- which means farm families can afford to stay on the farm, doing the work they love.

6. Local foods builds community.
When you buy direct from the farmer, you are re-establishing a time-honored connection between the consumer and the grower. Knowing the farmer gives you insight into the seasons, the weather, and the miracle of raising food. In many cases, it gives you access to a farm where your children and grandparents can go to learn about nature and agriculture. Relationships built on understanding and trust can thrive.

7. Local food preserves open space.
As the value of direct-marketed fruits and vegetables increases, selling farmland for development becomes less likely. You have probably enjoyed driving out to the country and appreciate the lush fields of crops, the meadows full of wildflower, the picturesque barns. That landscape will survive only as long as farms are financially viable. When you buy locally grown food, you are doing something proactive about preserving the agricultural landscape.

8. Local food keeps your taxes in check.
Farms contribute more in taxes than they require in services, whereas suburban development costs more than it generates in taxes, according to several studies. On average, for every $1 in revenue raised by residential development, government must spend $1.17 on services, thus requiring higher taxes of all taxpayers. For each dollar of revenue raised by farm, forest or open space, governments spend 34 cents on services.

9. Local food supports a clean environment and benefits wildlife.
A well-managed family farm is a place where the resources of fertile soil and clean water are valued. Good stewards of the land grow cover cops to prevents erosion and replace nutrients used by their crops. Cover crops also capture carbon emissions and help combat global warming. According to some estimates, farmers who practice conservation tillage could sequester 12-14% of the carbon emitted by vehicles and industry. In addition, the habitat of a farm- the patchwork of fields, meadows, woods, ponds and buildings- is the perfect environment for many beloved species of wildlife, including bluebirds, killdeer, herons, swans, loons, bats, rabbits, deer, etc...

10. Local food is about the future.
By supporting local farmers today, you can help ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow, and that future generations will have access to nourishing, flavorful, safe and abundant food.

11. Encourages local food producers.
Buying local food increases community food security by encouraging local food producers. The USA is mostly sadly lacking in community food security: in (God forbid!) an avian flu pandemic, our community- for example would really hurt.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the wind gods

sometimes we get lucky.  in sports you get lucky when the other guy has a bad day, an extra call is made in your teams favor or there is just something unexplainable that may have happened.  however, a true competitor knows, that to get 'lucky' is something that rarely happens. i almost guarantee most successful athletes do not even believe in luck.  being successful in your sport comes from hard work.  bottom line.  if you put in the time and the effort there is no need for crazy ideas such as to 'get lucky.'  you know you did the work and you know it will pay off.

i do not believe in 'getting lucky' in endurance sports.  in my mind there is one thing you are racing against and that is yourself.  how fast and efficient YOU can get from point A to point B.  my workout on tuesday was a true test to my theory.  it is actually a workout i never really smile about when its on the schedule- i actually sort of dread it (in a good way):

3X torrey pines
1. warm up
2. hard
3. pain is your friend (word for word here)

ive done torrey repeats a lot and get them quite often on my schedule.  for those that do not know- climbing torrey pines (the outside) can take anywhere from 6-10 min.  my personal best time was just under 7:00 min. - 6:57ish.  and that was last year sometime.  tuesday i was not going out to reach a personal best and in fact already had sore legs.  i really just wanted to get a solid workout and follow coaches orders.

first time up i spun the legs, pushed a little and then backed off again at the top- 7:30.  solid time.  second time i jammed- but it in a much lower gear and went for it.  my HR didnt feel as high as last tuesday when i got pulled up highland valley but i'm sure the lack of heat and 9% grade were factors there.  6:50!  yes- best time!  big smiles on the way down.  i havent seen that time on the clock in what feels like forever.  third time i wanted it to hurt, to know i gave it everything.  lower gear and a lot standing. 6:42!  best time again.

my theory tested here on tuesday because when climbing torrey the winds can have a major effect on the time it takes to get up the hill.  ive had days with a huge head wind on the way up but more times then not there is a tail wind.  so i know my hard is paying off- that is evident in training and racing.  maybe the wind gods were with me on tuesday and i got 'lucky' with a tail wind.  but i am sticking with my theory- hard work pays off.

sunset pictures were from november last year.  the top of torrey pines at the glider port.  its funny where we get our inspiration.  sometimes its the beauty of most simple activity- watching the sunset.

to your health,

Monday, August 10, 2009

trying to keep up

summer seems to come and go so fast yet it is also filled with SO many fun things!!  i don't know where to begin its been so busy.  since this past weekend was the last weekend at home for a couple of weeks to come, justin and i thought it would be nice and mellow.  somewhere in between the planning we seemed to over book!  starting friday night at beachhouse happy hour and then to wine steals to meet up with our friends!  only at wine steals until about 11pm... but of course had an early morning calling.

the surfmonkey ocean festival was bright and early saturday morning!  and when i say bright i mean NEON bright!  check out the lululemon cheer squad below!!  i got to be part of the lululemon corporate team and do the ocean swim  for them at the surf festival.  1 mile ocean swim, non wetsuit division around oceanside pier.  let me just say- if you have NOT been in the ocean you are missing out!!  it is so warm right now! 

beth dominating the 5k run!

me- pre swim- looking colder then it probably was in reality.

an awesome group of girls- and hux in there- cheering everyone on!

the monkey- everyone was here to get one of these!

the morning was so much fun to see a ton of local triathlete and masters swimmers out enjoying the beautiful weather!  we rode our bikes home after the events and i came back to shower and head straight to the race tracks and then back to the beach later in the evening.

sunday brought so many more fun times.  i got to meet up with the QBS gals at moonlight beach sunday morning.  they did a killer run-swim-run workout.  perhaps i was motivated from saturdays events but let me just say these gals rocked it!  they ran in the sand about a quarter mile, right into the ocean for a quarter mile buoy swim, straight out to finish off the quarter mile run.  take that - 3X!!  yes 3 times!  and some were faster and faster each time.   no wetsuits- no shoes!  so much fun and they looked SO GOOD in their QB kits running up and down the beach!!

after the QB workout i headed straight to a sweaty sunday class at lululemon carlsbad.  kettlebell bootcamp more or less- and yes- i am sore today!  if you guys are around AUG 30th i am teaching a sweaty sunday cardio/strength class at the carlsbad store 10am-11am.

i am tired just even re-reading this blog post- cannot believe i made it to book club last night and tried to stay awake to watch twilight.  time to get some race specific training in- SB long course and all ladies sprint tri next weekend.  more to come!  in the mean time- go get in the ocean!!

to your health,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

not triathlon ALL of the time

in fact very far from triathlon-ing the past week and a half.  a very fun and social filled 2 weeks!  and i am even missing a few pictures to note: goldfish racing and a spontaneous monday pool/pizza port party.  i guess i am really good at recovery from all of that racing and training! =)

here we go- in no particular order:

last nights newport sunset dinner cruise with micheal, kristin and parents, justin and his parents.  so beautiful and so relaxing!

justin surfing when alex and billy stayed with us from colorado.  i did catch justin hangin 5 but am missing pictures of goldfish racing- explanation later.

old roomie sarah's b-day with the crew of girls at 3rd corner.  they speak a secret nurse language and i just try to follow along!  note my fav lululemon dress!

4 o'clock fridays at the del mar race track- now 3 o'clock fridays.  maybe on of my most fun days at the track- a lot of good friends and even justins mom, kristin and micheal!  and PS- there is a lot of athletic talent in the picture of the gals below!

micheal and kristins engagement party at la valencia hotel in la jolla.  a huge surprise to kristin to have the families there!  so fun!

drove to newport last weekend to see 20+ ft. waves at the wedge.  an incredible sight- nothing i have ever seen before.  those little black spots are heads of crazy body surfers!

do your body some good- recover!

to your health,