Monday, August 10, 2009

trying to keep up

summer seems to come and go so fast yet it is also filled with SO many fun things!!  i don't know where to begin its been so busy.  since this past weekend was the last weekend at home for a couple of weeks to come, justin and i thought it would be nice and mellow.  somewhere in between the planning we seemed to over book!  starting friday night at beachhouse happy hour and then to wine steals to meet up with our friends!  only at wine steals until about 11pm... but of course had an early morning calling.

the surfmonkey ocean festival was bright and early saturday morning!  and when i say bright i mean NEON bright!  check out the lululemon cheer squad below!!  i got to be part of the lululemon corporate team and do the ocean swim  for them at the surf festival.  1 mile ocean swim, non wetsuit division around oceanside pier.  let me just say- if you have NOT been in the ocean you are missing out!!  it is so warm right now! 

beth dominating the 5k run!

me- pre swim- looking colder then it probably was in reality.

an awesome group of girls- and hux in there- cheering everyone on!

the monkey- everyone was here to get one of these!

the morning was so much fun to see a ton of local triathlete and masters swimmers out enjoying the beautiful weather!  we rode our bikes home after the events and i came back to shower and head straight to the race tracks and then back to the beach later in the evening.

sunday brought so many more fun times.  i got to meet up with the QBS gals at moonlight beach sunday morning.  they did a killer run-swim-run workout.  perhaps i was motivated from saturdays events but let me just say these gals rocked it!  they ran in the sand about a quarter mile, right into the ocean for a quarter mile buoy swim, straight out to finish off the quarter mile run.  take that - 3X!!  yes 3 times!  and some were faster and faster each time.   no wetsuits- no shoes!  so much fun and they looked SO GOOD in their QB kits running up and down the beach!!

after the QB workout i headed straight to a sweaty sunday class at lululemon carlsbad.  kettlebell bootcamp more or less- and yes- i am sore today!  if you guys are around AUG 30th i am teaching a sweaty sunday cardio/strength class at the carlsbad store 10am-11am.

i am tired just even re-reading this blog post- cannot believe i made it to book club last night and tried to stay awake to watch twilight.  time to get some race specific training in- SB long course and all ladies sprint tri next weekend.  more to come!  in the mean time- go get in the ocean!!

to your health,


jameson said...

i love it! you know what's up. perfect balance of life and sport. don't EVER loose that.

lets hit happy hour soon... very soon!

Charisa said...

Have fun in SB!!!