Sunday, August 2, 2009

not triathlon ALL of the time

in fact very far from triathlon-ing the past week and a half.  a very fun and social filled 2 weeks!  and i am even missing a few pictures to note: goldfish racing and a spontaneous monday pool/pizza port party.  i guess i am really good at recovery from all of that racing and training! =)

here we go- in no particular order:

last nights newport sunset dinner cruise with micheal, kristin and parents, justin and his parents.  so beautiful and so relaxing!

justin surfing when alex and billy stayed with us from colorado.  i did catch justin hangin 5 but am missing pictures of goldfish racing- explanation later.

old roomie sarah's b-day with the crew of girls at 3rd corner.  they speak a secret nurse language and i just try to follow along!  note my fav lululemon dress!

4 o'clock fridays at the del mar race track- now 3 o'clock fridays.  maybe on of my most fun days at the track- a lot of good friends and even justins mom, kristin and micheal!  and PS- there is a lot of athletic talent in the picture of the gals below!

micheal and kristins engagement party at la valencia hotel in la jolla.  a huge surprise to kristin to have the families there!  so fun!

drove to newport last weekend to see 20+ ft. waves at the wedge.  an incredible sight- nothing i have ever seen before.  those little black spots are heads of crazy body surfers!

do your body some good- recover!

to your health,

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jameson said...

it's all about the balance... way to keep it!

swimming lessons soon!