Friday, July 31, 2009

Solana Beach Triathlon

what a fun day!  we had Debbie, Lisa N, Leslie, Gina, Jess, Terry and myself out representing Queen Bee Sports!  Jamie and Lisa below were part of the cheer squad to top it all off!  we even ended up with 3 QB gals on the podium!  yahhh!!

loads of pics and there are more- i tried to pick the best ones.  please email me if you want them in full size.

i am so proud to be part of such an amazing group of women!  everyone who has the courage to jump in the ocean with a south swell of 5ft. waves morning of the race is so impressive and motivating.  even more inspiring is that all of these gals finished the race with smiles and a feeling of accomplishment.  i couldn't ask for anything more.  congrats to all of our finishers!  you guys rock and continue to inspire me!

jamie and lisa out to support!

lisa n.- i love this picture!

debbie in her new shorts for worlds!

gina and crew!  happy birthday mom!!

deb kicking a** on the bike!

jess- smiling because the finish is just ahead!

terry starting the run.

leslie on the run- bad photographer (me)- can we photo shop the fence out?

gina looking strong!

lisa- going fast on the bike

kristin- always fast and makes it look easy!

leslie on the bike- best comment of the day- 'what bike is she riding??'

beth and i pre swim scouting the course in our speedy ZOOT wetsuits!

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Thanks for the awesome coaching Colleen!