Thursday, December 11, 2008

why raw and why blog?

don't get me wrong, im not a 100 percent on either of these things.  eating raw foods is a new habit, as is starting this blog.  why do either?  to share with my friends, family and clients how you can change your life for the better and inspire others to do the same.  im sick today and since im not out running, biking or swimming i thought i could spare some computer time.  this by no means is meant to be structured or serious, just a way to share some of my own knowledge, life lessons learned and have a little fun!

i started reading and learning more about a vegan, plant based, lifestyle about a year ago.  i was tired of putting weird and random ingredients into my body.  i've spent countless hours in the gym and have been around supplements galore.  i figured i do so much for myself in terms of exercise what was really fueling my energy?  i was craving just eating whole pure food.  at the time both meat, veggies, cooked and raw sufficed.  i still have my weaknesses, those of you that know me could name a few- okay- I said a few!  this past triathlon season my eating habits, i thought, were consistent.  a lot of veggies, lean protein, whole grains and nothing refined (with an exception or two) but i wanted something else. 

 i started reading a lot about being vegan and using plant based foods as my bodys main energy source.  the importance of your bodies pH levels and how alkaline your food is hadn't yet been drilled into my way of thinking.  our bodies process veggies and fruit much easier and will spend less energy on digesting these foods.  these foods are a lot less acidic meaning they do less damage to our cells.  these foods improve oxygen transport in our bodies which leaves us more energetic.  alkaline forming foods are in their most natural state, not refined, fortified, chemically altered, pasteurized, the list goes on.  a lot of our staple foods in our American diet are largely acidic.  the more ive read about this way of eating, the more i want to learn.

i am blogging because i realize im not the only person striving for optimal health.  i teach people as a coach and personal trainer on a daily basis how to change their habits, to live a healthier lifestyle.  ive spent hours upon hours reading and studying fitness and nutrition.  perhaps it is after losing two close friends to cancer this past year that i cannot spare another moment not sharing what i have learned.  please join my journey in striving for optimal health.

to your health,

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