Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Breakthroughs.  In my world, for the most part, they are quantitative.  For myself and my clients they are things such as pounds on the scale.  A new max of weight lifted.  A new distance completed.  Sometimes it is an arrival time (yes coming to a session on time) or an average pace accomplished.  As a trainer and coach I get to experience these almost daily, not for myself necessarily but for my clients!  It is one of the best parts of my job!

We hope and plan for at some point of having a breakthrough, whatever the measure or goal may be. However, breakthroughs are not always expected.  And they are not always recognized.  They can be small increments for which we measure our success.  When we put in the hard work day in and day out that it can become draining.  Why do we put ourselves through the grueling effort of a hard weight workout, swim session or run?  The effort is for the instance, the moment, when you realize you have accomplished something you may not have done before. It is the feeling of the hard work paying off!

Today was a personal breakthrough just for me!  We are back to running here, but hey, it keeps me going!  400's (1 time around the track for us non-runners) was the set.  Although I have run faster in my past, I have not run as fast as I did today for a long time.  My 400's and track work so far this season have not been that impressive to me.  It is early in the season but when you suffer around a track (me) it is nice to know you can try to be close to your best.  Today my average pace was about 6 seconds faster then what I have been holding in the past weeks!  yahhoo!! not my best- but better- and I'm proud of it!  The hard work does pay off.

Give yourself credit on those small breakthroughs.  It is making breakthroughs that keep you going and motivated.  They are the glimpses of accomplishing those bigger goals and barriers.  Keep moving and recognize your success!

To your health,

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