Monday, September 21, 2009

Dear Quads...

dear quadriceps,

yes- all 4 of you: vastus medialis, intermedius, lateralis and rectus femoris. i have been feeling as if we are in a love- hate relationship these past few weeks.

please do not mis-understand me... i appreciate the strength and power you all have been gaining. putting up with miles of riding, hill repeating and fast (relative here) running. the nice bronze shorts lines i don't really mind. leg definition too. and i know i have neglected you in wearing my Zoot compression tights because of the heat even though you have been sore and tired. but... will we ever fit into the skinny jeans again?

with love,


Gould said...

HILARIOUS. :) Just call these your BUFF KICK-@$$ jeans. :)

beth said...

word. true dat.

and not only are my skinny jeans now at goodwill, but my quads are barking at me and sure weren't doing their strong thing today! so they are not even doing their big-quad job!!! guess its time for a rest :)