Friday, October 16, 2009

the goals.

goals. when they are written, they become real. i have been thinking about them for a while but had not done my homework yet until last week.

last week i got my b*tt in gear after a mock 'tony robbins' motivational speech by a friend. he told me that i need to research previous years at the race, decide where i want to finish and then see what i have to do to make it happen. if i can commit to the goals now, on paper and in training, then when race day comes there are no questions or doubts. i just have to do as i planned.

with a little over 4 weeks out this is the time in training where i focus my energy more on speed, pacing and recovery. i also have to focus my training nutritionally. what am i going to eat and drink on the bike and run during the race.

so i have time goals, nutrition goals and overall-general goals:

last year i did:
4:48 total time
:25 swim
3:00 T1
2:27 bike
3:00 T2
1:48 run

this year i want to do:
4:29 total time
:24 swim
2:30 T1
2:21 bike
2:30 T2
1:40 run

8oz of fluid every 10 min. (5 bottles for the entire ride)
250 calories/hour on the bike, 100-150 on run (have to account for the coke!)

-stick to the nutrition plan
-enjoy it even when it is hard
-no regrets because i did the best training i could do
-smile for my mom when she is camera crazy
-and ending up in the top 10 would be fun- although i really do not have control over that...

as coach put it for the time goals: ambitious. but hey- a girl has to have a goal! and i really have been most focused on my running. i also weigh less then last year which should make my run at least feel better. my best run in a half IM has been 1:43 so i'd like to match that or faster.

on the bike- as ive told my training partners- i plan on having my own race but still being competitive with the field. for those that do not know, clearwater FL is FLAT. the biggest hill is an over pass equivalent to hill coming from solana beach into cardiff on coast hwy. FLAT= drafting. last year i felt cheated and still had a killer fast time for me! this year i know my fitness is better on the bike but also plan to hang on to some of the packs of bikers as they pass, last year i did not. my plan is not to cheat like crazy, not to blow up either, but to stick to my own race and use the competition as needed.

so that is the plan. happy training!

to your health,


jameson said...

i like your plans and goals... i am sure you can knock it out!

Tawnee said...

Hey Colleen, we've never really met, but I know who you are through blog world and mutual friends (in a non-creepy way haha). See you're doing Clearwater too, and you have some amazing goals! Wow. I'm racing there for my first time this year. Where are you staying out there? Maybe we can meet up before the race for a ride or run, or meet in Clearwater. I'm going out there solo.