Monday, November 9, 2009

hurricane Ida

my reading for the week:

born to run, by christopher mcdougall

mcdougall is a journalist who sets out to find the tarahumaras, a tribe of people, that have the worlds greatest long distance runners. he learns about their secrets and how they can chase down virtually anything.

us weekly magazine

i am behind by 3 weeks. it shouldnt take long to catch up on the latest with the kardasihans, john/kate and heidi klums post baby bod.

eclipse, the twillight series

yes i have admitted to falling for an imaginary vampire in a book written for teenagers. but that does not stop me! in honor of new moon coming out next week i need to get ahead by reading the next book in the series.

weather report for FL

i will be checking it constantly. hurricane Ida has decided to show up with signs of a tornado. should make for an interesting race day!

to your health,


Caroline said...

Let me know what you think about Born To Run.
Safe travels to Clearwater. Can't wait to watch you tear it up out there!!!

X-Country2 said...

I just got the first Twilight book for my birthday. Can't wait to dive in. I'm kind of 13 too.

Katya said...

loved that book! except for the fact that it makes "long distance" triathlon seem somehow. . .less impressive! ; )

can't wait to hear about clearwater!