Monday, March 1, 2010

two hundred.

this year i have a lot of 'firsts' ahead of me. one of which will be ironman. in preparing for ironman i have been training first for the CA 70.3 half ironman. CA 70.3 with be a 4th time around for me. in any case i have never trained so much distance/volume leading up to CA 1/2 mostly because of ironman in the distant-yet very near- future of June 27.

a couple of weeks back i realized that my bike training is coming quite close to 200 miles within a weeks time!?!?! never have i seen that before! like anything i do i try to make small goals and recognize when i have accomplishments to keep myself motivated. this week i have a 3 rides on tap. tomorrow a 3.5 hour ride with fiesta island loops tagged on there- i am guessing it will total right around 50 miles. wednesday, my now 'regular' 3:15-20 hour loop through elifn forest- 55 miles. and then on sunday the gran fondo century ride -101 miles. if i add that up correctly i will be at 206 miles for the week. boo-yahhH!!

another first for me- well since 2004- is that i swam 3 consecutive days in a row last week at masters. i only believe it because i can still feel my right shoulder every time i move it. just a little sore and a little reminder my 'old' swimming body needs to maybe try 2 days consecutive first before jumping into the pool 3x.

oh yes- may i not forget that my other firsts for the week were managing 78 kiddos on my swim team roster, about 70 of those parents, bridesmaid dress shopping, getting the save the dates in the mail and first hand witness to coast hwy flooding from the high tide.

phew. tired just re-reading this post. excited for the week ahead!

to your health,

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Gould said...

WOW. i also don't think i reached 200 miles until i did IM training. you are so SOLID! i'm very excited for you!

AND i just got your save-the-date!. whoo-hoo! a BIG, FUN year ahead of you!