Wednesday, April 7, 2010

bumpin raw 'beets'

most greens in my vegetable garden start, like the swiss chard below, out green and pretty! then they get combined with Vega protein powder (hemp, pea protein), blueberries and almond milk. they turn into this:

yes- that is a glass from a triathlon finish. clearly wedding registry will do me and my dishes some good!

this was the ONE and ONLY beet from my 'winter' garden:

i am very proud of this beet. it survived not-so-nutrient- rich soil without any regular watering.... i do need to work on my gardening skills. although i found i am most successful with things that need little time. go figure. see swiss chard below that looks fabulous!

hopefully some where between work, ironman training, wedding planning and swim team i can go pick up some tomato plants, more chard and zucchini... all to be posted green and glorious!

to your health,

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