Wednesday, July 7, 2010

top secret

our latest strategy when parking to go for bike rides:

we celebrated 4th of july weekend in santa barbara. a lot of wedding planning time and a lot of beach time. also a lot of riding time!

we spent the morning of the 5th riding through los olivos and solvang area. the ride started with a stop at the pea anderson soup hotel for fuel- in food terms! we got about 2 miles down the road and my rear tire went flat. since the tire was slashed open we had to james bond maneuver a 5 dollar bill to get the new tube to stay put. and it held! it held over 3,ooo ft. of climbing and some really rough roads. it even held for the 2 miles we had to ride on the 101... thank goodness!

we ended up riding 45 miles all through wine country. it was an epic day to say the least! our top secret mission for the ride was to cruise up by our wedding venue at Crossroads! minimal pictures- its top secret- but the place seems more beautiful every time i am there!

to your health,


Kiki said...

OMG - BRILLIANT on the parking. Absolutely genius!! Can you mtb Friday?

Mom said...

Crossroads was beautiful yesterday - the lavender was blooming and filled the air with scent.