Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bring your green hat too!

the next event on tap- get your green on! and your speed on! once again- boys beware: yawn moment- it will be all about the outfit! you can bet ill have the best green from head to toe. starting with green Zoot shoes all the way up to my lime green 'highlighter' Lulu tech- tee. now ill just need to finish it off with some classy target gloves and maybe a new headband.

joining me, myself and i are a few of my clients! i started getting some clients together to meet twice a week from the studio for... Run Club! most of them are training for local 5ks all the way up to half marathons. i am hoping i have rallied a few for this st. patties day event. pictures will be a must for this fun event!

get running- and get your green together.

ps. almost forgot: my you tube video... sort of cheating.. i am pretty sure i got Flexr sports some more hits on THEIR you tube video but i thought it counted since i was in it. that is their commercial that they play at every.single.rockandrollrunning.event. on a big flat screen tv. pretty funny. at least it got me to create a you tube channel!

to your health,

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Lindsay and James Cotter said...

oh audrey hepburn, just love her! and thanks for the lulu link. awesome!