Thursday, May 28, 2009

heaven on earth

hapuna bay, HI. in other words: heaven on earth. the water is so clear and warm. megan and i did a swim this morning. we started out on the south side of the beach, went out to the end of the point, swam north and then back. we were out to about 20 feet deep and could see straight down to the bottom filled with reef and fish! we swam back in to get the camera just in time to find our turtle friend.

the most epic place ive ever experienced for a "race." if my swim time is off saturday it will be because i was off course following a turtle.
more updates to come-


tracy said...

hey colleen, way to go on your race!! you're awesome!! hope you are relaxing and enjoying the beach etc.

see you wed.



tracy said...

p.s. the picture of the raw food (not sure what it is)looks amazing!!yum!