Friday, May 22, 2009


Webster's Definition:
Inflected Form(s):
ta·peredta·per·ing            Listen to the pronunciation of tapering \ˈtā-p(ə-)riŋ\
intransitive verb1 : to become progressively smaller toward one end2 : to diminish graduallytransitive verb: to cause to taper

Colleen's Defention:

T-  Thanks.  Thank you to my body for putting up with me pounding you with miles and miles of swim/bike/run the past few months.  We just have 70.3 to go!

A- Anxious.  The feeling you get when you are about 2-3 days out from a race.  Haven't done much training the week prior and are anxious to get the race started!

P-  Prepare.  Not filling the extra hours of your day with training, you have time to prepare for your race.  Of course in tri-geek type-A terms this is usually a cause of being over prepared.  Wheels-check, wetsuit-check, water bottles-check, sunscreen-check, laces, shoes, etc. etc.

E-  Eating.  Eating well, not quantity, but fueling and hydrating your body properly the week leading up to the race.  Extra electrolytes, good carbohydrates, protein and plenty of water!

R-  Rest.  The most important aspect.  Allowing your body to absorb all of the hard work from the past months.  Getting enough sleep, kicking the feet up and letting your body recover.

Leaving Wednesday for Hawaii 70.3 and cannot wait!  Cheers to taper!!

To your health,

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