Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why I LOVE...

my  JOB!?!

YES people.  my job.  it is a rare occurrence.  one that i am proud to admit.  my job doesn't feel like a job.  it feels like something i seriously do look forward to everyday... okay... maybe not always at 5am but after a cup of coffee its not so bad.

two weeks ago i gave a swim lesson to jim.  an adult swimmer of only 2 years without any type of formal lesson.  in 60 min. of me babbling "swim chinese" jargon to him, he transformed his stroke!  not only did he look like a whole new swimmer i could see that he really felt he made huge steps in the right direction.  so awesome when progress is so visible for both coach and swimmer!

one week ago i got to race in hawaii.  that is technically vacation but i knew i had a web full of support from my friends, family and clients!  i do not like taking time off because i feel like i am cheating my clients of their workout time.  however when i do need va-ca time i have the flexibility to take it with my job and i do love that.

3 days ago i got to celebrate the end of high school swim season with all of my kiddos and parents at our LCC swim banquet.  there are few times as an adult that you get recognized professionally and for both coach hux and i it was a fun night.  more fun recognizing the kids and all they have accomplished.  even more fun is to see their friendships that they have developed with one another over the course of such a short season. a ton of fun all the way around.

2 days ago i got to ride with my queen bee gals!  while our sunday rides and runs are a normal occurrence... this past sunday was something more special.  torrey pines.  i got to be part of two women's first time experience riding up torrey pines hill!  what an accomplish for vicki and lisa!  both cruised up the hill- as much as you can cruise i guess... =)  lisa even had the quote of the day "is there anyway to not go up the hill?"

yesterday i got the pleasure of working with a new client.  71 years young!  and kicking butt in the gym- so awesome!  today i had a short break mid morning- just enough time to post some blog love.  and tomorrow i get to look forward to a full morning of clients with the afternoon open for a bike ride.

i love my job.

to your health,

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