Tuesday, June 16, 2009

method to the madness

anyone could have asked me a year ago if i'd ever start a garden... yah right.  every plant and flower in my house is fake.  i can barely keep succulents alive.  not only that but every little bug makes me uncomfortable... that being said- this blog post is part 'props to me' and to share what i have been consumed with in my so-called free time.

i felt like a farmer getting ready to harvest when i was talking to my friend beth last week on a ride.  went something like this: me- 'oh yah- im growing zucchini, tomatoes, egg plant, cucumber, bell peppers, corn!?!, swiss chard, carrots, spinach, strawberries... oh and pumpkin, watermelon and cantaloupe in the front yard.'  beth- 'how do you have time for this?'  me- 'i don't know.'

the method to the madness is that usually when i get home from a ride or run i am already sweaty/dirty.  i make a quick protein smoothie and head out to the back yard to water, weed and de-worm (ugh!?! the worst part) all of my little veggies.  doing this post workout means one less shower and one less change of clothes because i always get dirty workin in the garden!  and it means fresh veggies for later in the day!!

first two pics here are the second series of pictures i took a while back, the strawberry pot here:

the herbs here:

the most current picture of it now-- swiss chard in hand for my green shake later... and proof i garden in bike gear.  the nerd in me- confirmed!
these are the very first pictures i took... when the garden wasn't so big yet...

we have so many zucchinis right now... i tried making zucchini chips... was not a great success- will have to post the recipe when i figure it out.  the tomatoes are getting ripe- i can hardly wait!  and there are baby corns growing!!

to your health,

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Gould said...

so jealous! i have been growing some basil, rosemary, broccoli, and peppers. but i have not been a good plant mom! i am hoping to give it some more loving this summer. i def would like to see it though!

glad i found your blog. mine has been lagging. :-)