Monday, June 22, 2009


swimming is an odd sport.  when you leave in front of or behind someone in the pool at masters swim the distance/time between one another is around 5 seconds apart.  average number of swimmers per lane is 4-6 people.  we swim down one side of a lane only to flip a short 20 seconds later to come back the opposite side of the lane.  this pattern is put on repeat for 4000+ yards on any given day at masters.  that is 160 lengths, somewhere around 160 flip turns and 80x down and back.  we swim in circles.  what if we did this pattern with running?  imagine 6 people, 3-4 yards apart, on a long treadmill, all told to run 8 min/mile pace for 3 min. intervals.  its absurd.

swimming masters means responsibility.  you have to swim in the correct order based on speed and pace.  if you lead the lane you have to swim fast enough to not slow everyone down.  you are also responsible for the clock, intervals and usually keeping track of where the lane is within the given set.  if you are last you cannot go so slow the people leading catch up.  swimming masters is a lot of responsibility.  sometimes can create anxiety or frustration but more often then not it allows you the opportunity to give your lane mates your gratitude for keeping the lane in check.

today at masters, main set: 10x200.  since i have lagged on getting to masters in the past 2-3 weeks this set sounded like eternity and i was not about to jump in front to lead it.  our fearless leader dan announces to our lane mates that he is going to pace the main set to allow us about 5 seconds of rest on the wall.  sounds like a great plan.  somewhere between 200's #3 and 4... dan was no longer the leader.  i somehow ended up in front.  this creates a big conflict in my head.  noon masters (in my head of course) presents me two options: 1. be into it (it being the workout) 2. country club it (no question i am sand baggin it and am getting out early).  i like to chose the latter of the two choices.  however today i decided to be into the workout and ended up having a great swim. 

i think i need to start swimming with sheila.  she sprints her little heart out every time she steps her paw (or jumps her little paws) into the water.  if only i had her motivation...


to you health,

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beth said...

ahhh. good work being responsible to yourself today! i'm impressed. i can't wait until the day i can actually lead the 1:30 lane (maybe my end of the year goal?)

i got the 10X200s at the a.m. sesh today too. i didn't lead, but at least i didn't sandbag and go down from the 1:30 lane. AND i stayed in until 7:15 and did the whole 1200 pull set. 4000 (you KNOW that's way over my 1hr/3300 limit!!!