Tuesday, June 23, 2009

almond milk

not any kind of almond milk.  homemade, raw, organic almond milk. so good and so easy to make!  i did my best with pictures but of course they are in a backwards order and could not take pictures while actually doing the steps... unless of course we wanted almond milk all spilled all over the camera.  here we go:

1)  1.5 cups raw almonds, soak in water over night

2)  drain almonds and put into vita mix (or high speed blender) with 4 cups water

3)  blend until smooth

4)  drain the almond/water mixture in a cheese cloth or fine strainer (mine below in a picture)- save both the almond milk that you are straining and the left over blended almonds

5)  bowl should be filled with almond milk, put back into blender and add mix in your choice of sweetener if desired.  ie. agave nectar, maple sryup or vanilla extract (thats my choice lately)

wahh-lahh- homemade almond milk!!

the ingredients on the top picture- are for almond cream!!  yuummmm!  i got this recipe from chef ursula- raw chef from OC.  a perfect addition for a fruit dessert!  of course i do not measure anything so it tastes a little different each time.

1)  take almonds that had the water drained from them (should be just over 1c.) back into the blender

2)  add a scoop or two of coconut oil (probably 1/4c.)

3)  add 1/2-1 lemon juiced, a little vanilla extract, a little almond extract and again your choice of sweetener- agave nectar or maple syrup (ive done both and both are awesome!)

4)  blend on high until smoooooth!

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