Tuesday, June 30, 2009


san diego international triathlon- what a fun weekend for the queen bee gals!! a big congrats to Deb, Terry and Lisa for awesome finishes!!  Lisa completed the sprint distance with a top ten finish in her age group.  Terry completed the international distance and went under her 2:30 goal finishing in 2:27!  Debbie finished first in her age group with a 2:15 PR finish!  wahhoooo! some fun pics below that justin took on his bike as he was "watching the race."  the last pic was the best one of our cute QBS tops (not so much of my face), the one of beth and i is mile 3.5ish... where i am looking back!?! and she is passing me.  congrats to beth- the gazelle- with her top amateur finish.  i finished second to her in our age group respectively with a 1:53 PR!  a fun and beautiful day in san diego.


beth said...

oh, gazelle you know i'm not. i love how you told me, "ive never seen you run fast...it's....intersting". cracked me up!!
it was very fun racing with you.
you're ready for Rhode Island!
ok- when's our next ride?

Charisa said...

Congrats on your race - and to all your athletes! You have a garden too - love it!! :)

jameson said...

congrats on a solid race... you are going to kill it in RI!