Monday, July 6, 2009


all too often we forget and take for granted our abilities.  the ability as an athlete to put on a pair of shoes, where ever in the world we may be, and head out the door for a run.  i had a client two years ago thank me for teaching her that she is capable of running.  it was one of the most satisfying experiences to know i had helped someone find freedom and independence through running. 

in leu of the holiday, when i went for an early AM run through a small neighborhood in napa, i was thinking about how much i value my independence.  having the choice to run where ever for however long i want is incredibly valuable.  there is no judgement of how fast or slow, how long or short.  there is me and an open road.  i ran up a hill because i wanted to see where it would go.  i ran because i wanted to break a sweat.  i ran to clear my thoughts.

i have thought a lot about why i choose to do triathlon.  why i choose to suffer through a hard workout when i could choose to take an easier route.  why i choose to put in the miles of training.  i always come back to the feeling of accomplishment the sport gives me.  i think about paraplegics that may not have the legs to run.  i think about my friends who have been too sick to have the energy to run.  i choose to do the sport simply because i can.

i have run around the eiffel tower, along the beach in argentina, on the bluffs of santa barbara, up the sides of mountains in colorado, along a waterfront bike path in seattle, through snow in sweden and countless other places, including runs i do weekly at home, that never leave me without a feeling of accomplishment.  i am so grateful for the independence running gives me.

throw on a pair of shoes and hit the ground running.  because you can.

to your health,

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beth said...

i totally agree.... i cant wait until i can run as much as i want to.... your napa run sounds perfect!