Wednesday, July 8, 2009

scattered thunderstorms?

i usually pride myself on my ability to rest for a race.  really, how hard is it to kick you feet up and relax?  i have no excuse.  i am not working as much since about 1/2 of my clients decided to travel the world in the month of july.  i just got back from a weekend away, didnt really unpack, so 1/2 of my packing is done.  but for some reason it doesnt feel as easy this time.  i feel like i need to go for a long run.  maybe the rest is working then?

for those of you who have not 'rested' for a race it is a rare feeling.  your body is suddenly not totally fatigued from hours of exercise.  there is free time that can be filled with anything but swim-bike-run- hence the blog post (alternatively there are still chores to be done).  and there is an excitement about having a race that completely contradicts 'resting' for it.  frustrating!

i am headed to rhode island tomorrow and cannot wait!  dad is coming with me which will be great!  i have a few friends from here that will be there so that is always a bonus!  sunday's weather is calling for scattered thunderstorms!?!  a nice race day forecast (sarcastic of course).  i am also stoked because i have my new race kit to wear- thank you bettydesigns and splish- hot pink, yellow and black!  my other big thank yous to zoot, nuun and gu for helping me out this season.  the products i love get me through both training and racing!

if you want to internet cheer- i always appreciate the support.  update to follow from the east coast!  yahhhoo!

to your health,

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beth said...

i'l be cheering. go colleen!! don't worry about t-storms- think of it as an opportunity for a mid race cool off...

have fun!