Sunday, December 6, 2009

clean green: the perfect trifecta

part of my free time from S-B-R has been catching up on the chores around the house. while doing the cleaning i was thinking this would be a great topic for a triathlete to blog about. the products i use are economical and environmentally friendly. athlete friendly too for our smelly clothes, hampers and water bottles!

here is what a tri-eco conscious chick uses to clean:

distilled white vinegar. just like any swim in a race- vinegar starts strong and fast with it's distinct smell. no worries- it dissipates as it dries. you can get a huge jug of this at the grocery store or costco for about $3. it kills most molds, bacteria and germs because of its acidity level. you can get the grim off of counter tops, refrigerator doors and shelves all while getting the shine back on the chrome in your bathroom and kitchen. its great to get rid of soap build up, grease and even deodorizes things such as the garbage disposal and regular drains. my favorite thing is to run vinegar through the coffee pot to get rid of stains and mineral build up. be sure to then run water through once or twice after. the best part is avoiding the harsh and over priced chemicals! even cleans the leafy greens!

baking soda. similar to the bike. a tougher section of the race and the toughest it gets for cleaning. can get a container at the grocery store for $1.15. a lot of the same benefits as the vinegar. best for deodorizing things such as water bottles, sweaty clothes and running shoes. put in your dishwasher instead of soap for a run just to clean it out. can shine sterling silver and chrome with baking soda. you can even brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with baking soda. its also a great way to soften your skin. try in in your hair to get rid of the chlorine- it really works!

lemon juice. as you would feel in a run during a triathlon, lemon juice leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction that you have done your best with the task at hand. two lemons from the store maybe $1.00. lemon juice can be used to dissolve soap scum and hard water deposits. i usually mix lemon juice with vinegar to make a solution and then with baking soda to make a cleaning paste. you can put lemon peel through the garbage disposal leaving you with a fresh smelling drain and kitchen. you can even put it in the washer with your dirty clothes to whiten whites without bleach and leave them smelling fresh!

okay so maybe too much time on my hands to come up with a trifecta blog about cleaning but i do know these three items get the job done without a huge impact on the environment and the bank account.

to your health,


beth said...

don't show james this blog entry- he will fall in love with you! (as you know i could use some work in the cleaning department)

Gould said...

GREAT ideas, Colleen. I always can use cleaning tips. :-)

X-Country2 said...

Great tips! Now if I could just get motivated ot clean in the first place.