Monday, December 14, 2009

sneak peek

look for ME in Pacific Magazine next month!! for January they are doing an article on 'secrets of the trainers.' they want to know what we trainers do to stay fit and motivated. here are some of my interview answers. tried to get a picture from my workout/photo shoot but will have to wait for the article to publish. i will re- post in Jan. for some more self promoting! =)
1. What's your top "stay fit" rule for yourself? Do you count calories? Avoid cheeseburgers? Workout 5 hours per day?

My top 'stay fit' rule in both to be consistent and maintain balance. I know if I am consistent with both exercise and eating right I will be successful at staying fit and healthy. I also like to maintain a balance of both working out and eating well. You have to give yourself a break ever once in a while, and be okay with that, or else expectations to maintain fitness are unrealistic and you won't be successful. I like to stay healthy but live my life also. It also does not happen over night. Staying fit is a life long journey- it does not end. I do not count calories. I do avoid cheeseburgers however! And no, I do not workout 5 times per day, but sometimes twice a day.
2. What do you do to de-stress?

I actually love to run as a way to de-stress. The feeling of just throwing on a pair of shoes and going for it straight out the door is the best thing for my mind. I can jog easy or run hard. There is no one else on a run but yourself and I love the freedom of that feeling. It gives you time to think and sweat out everything you were stressing about.
3. What do you do to reward yourself?
I reward myself with a the occasional glass of wine or piece of chocolate but I'm not really a big sweets person. I most prefer a massage after a few hard weeks of training. And each week I choose one day to take off from working out.

4. What does your current exercise schedule (run, walk, lift, relax, stretch, etc) look like?

My favorite activities are mostly outdoors. I usually swim 2x per week, run 4x per week and ride my road bike 3-4x per week. I lift weights 2x per week. Majority of my workouts are about or just over 60 minutes in duration. On the weekends I like to do longer rides about 3 hours and longer runs up to 90 minutes. The only way to fit in all of the workouts in the week are to double up on some days so if I do an easy run in the morning I'll add a weight training session for the afternoon.

5. Do you follow any diets? Do you have any nutrition rules for yourself?
I do have preferences on my nutrition. I eat a mostly vegan and plant based diet. Choosing a vegan diet means no meat, no dairy, no animal products. I tend to feel better eating this way because I never get sluggish after meals and I end up eating less food overall. There is a lot less saturated fat and cholesterol in plant based foods. The leafy greens, fruit, nuts, whole grains and legumes all have a ton of fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates. I like to fuel my body with the most nutritious foods so I have energy and power for my workouts.

6. What was the best piece of fitness/health advice you've received?
I always get asked "what is the best workout?" "what is the best way to burn calories?" My advice received: The best workout is the one you'll do. Being active and exercising has to be something you enjoy doing or else you will not stick with it. A balance of cardiovascular and resistance training provide the best results and there are unlimited number of activities to chose from to do both.
7. What do you do to stay motivated?

My best motivation are my friends. I love to meet friends to run. lift weights or cycle. I have the most fun making my workouts social and making the workouts fun is what it is all about! I always encourage my clients to find a workout partner. It is a great way to have someone else hold you accountable and get up early on those mornings you don't feel like it. I am constantly inspired by what my friends are doing with their workouts and training routines. They keep me motivated!
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Gould said...

LOVE it. Great interview! I look forward to seeing the article. :-)

Tawnee said...

Yeaaa... what a cool honor, congrats! Love your answers.

X-Country2 said...

WHat a great interview! Tons of good stuff.