Thursday, January 7, 2010

costa rican christmas celebration!

we are back from the holiday! justin and i had the most amazing trip through costa rica. a lot beans, rice, sand, yoga, surfing, iguanas, jungle and pot holed roads. even more special is that we got to celebrate the holidays together as an engaged couple! i could not be happier to know i am going to share the rest of my life (well justin is giving me until age 93) with my best friend.

more details to follow for each but just a few things to look forward to in 2010... its kind of a big deal.

*new and returning clients

*Queen Bees takin it to a new level

*Nytro Women's Elite Triathlon Team

*CDA Ironman. a first for me at the distance

*3 weddings- 1 of which will be mine and justins

goals, race schedule, raw/vegan recipes, all to come. bring it 2010!

to your health,

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