Saturday, January 23, 2010


the past few days i have felt really motivated. i'm not sure why but being motivated has been a struggle on all accounts for me recently... professionally, athletically in sport and daily with my do-to list and chores. i am grateful these things have made the change in my perspective!

1. new ideas for work
2. swimming 5, 200 yards for first time in months
3. possibility of running a PR tomorrow and qualifying for NYC marathon
4. 2nd week back to triathlon training and feeling good!
5. meeting with a new client next week
6. getting some awesome gear from NYTRO and being part of an amazing group!
7. asking my BFFs to be part of my big day!
8. thoughts of completing an ironman and what it really is going to entail
9. justin being on the ball with wedding planning
10. no more rain!
11. finally seeing my picture in Pacific magazine! pick it up at 711!
12. feeling organized
13. seeing new possibilities
14. lining up trips for 2010

its all about perspective. figure out what drives you and you can achieve anything with a little motivation.

to your health,


beth said...

love it! great motivation list. kick that PR tomorrow- i'll be cheering for you....

and trips for 2010??? girls weekend? :)

Charisa said...

I need a Pacific Magazine! :)

X-Country2 said...

Great list. Good luck with that PR!