Thursday, January 21, 2010

When it's too wet outside...

So far my triathlon training has gone from working out once every two days (off season) to working out twice in one day! Sounds horrible to some people but for me I seriously look forward to my workouts! That must be the reason I sign up for these crazy races called triathlons!

Due to rain- yes it does rain in San Diego- I planned a tready (treadmill) workout for inside at the gym!

I got lucky on Tuesday because my friends Tati and Beth were by my side chatting and running with me. Friends are truly my best motivations so do yourself and favor and get one to meet you! *Note* it is January and at 5pm on a rainy day the YMCAs treadmills may be all taken due to new years resolutions.

Here is a sample treadmill run with some intervals. The intervals can be done as job easy/run fast or as walk/jog intervals:

10 min warm up

8 min hard (more or less a timed mile)
2 min easy jog

2 x 4 min hard (more of less an 800 at the track)
2 min easy jog between each

4 x 2 min hard (more or less a 400 at the track)
1 min. easy jog between

5- 10 min cool down.

Happy running indoors! Happy raining week to SD!

To your health,

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