Tuesday, March 23, 2010

black is back.

the past 3 years i have competed at the CA 70.3 i have been rested. i usually consider this race an early season test of fitness. with that i usually rest thinking i'll give myself a shot to do what i like to do best- race!

this season my approach is a bit different. not so much taper... more like train right on through it. with that i will 'rest' as deemed appropriate by coach: 2 days out- take it easy and stay hydrated and ready to roll.

probably the biggest difference from last season- where i DNF'd from dehydration- and this season is that i do not have to be at a swim meet ALL day (in the sun, on my feet, screaming at kids) the day prior to the race. thank goodness!! my clients just so happened to plan it also for me that 3 of them would be out of town this week on friday. okay- ill just take that morning to sleep in as well! on top of that- the high schoolers have their backwards prom dance- so we canceled workout. i figure if i show up on friday night and no kiddos are there at the pool what really is the point? so i am super stoked to have a REAL 'rest' day the day prior to the race.

i have mixed feelings about the race saturday. since swim team coaching has started i have found it more difficult to get to masters on time- a lot of email correspondence that i always feel the urgency to reply to- so my own swimming has been slacking. but lets be realistic here... even if i swim a minute slower in the race it will not make much of a difference over the course of 5 hours. i have been biking really well and strong! and have a ton of base miles under my legs so i feel ready to roll on that front. the run... well i have a much better attitude towards it for this race... even with 2 weeks off of running in feb. i feel like my fitness will carry me through even on tired legs. my biggest brick workouts in past weeks i have found my legs/body feel pretty good for the run! i hope i find it saturday.

my biggest concern i'd say about saturday is putting all 3 things together! swim-bike-run. if you have ridden with me at all recently you know i've been a bit more prepared in terms of nutrition (more so for ironman practice) so i am feeling confident in my plan. i know my bigger brick workouts have been solid efforts and i end up feeling great by the end. both of those things will carry me through. some times just remembering the little important things can make gains mentally when the going gets tough.

a podium finish is always my goal and really just doing my best for where i am at. i am looking forward to seeing all of my nytro gals out on the course also! we are in black and pink this season! i am thinking friday i will will have to prepare my own mani/pedi race special... black anyone??

to your health,


jameson said...

good luck... i will be out there in sherpa mode cheering for all of you!

beth said...

yes! i am going black/dark nails too :) mani is tomorrow...

can't wait to race with you. you ARE so strong this year. its going to be awesome. can't wait to see you on the course!

Kiki said...

pre race pedi is a must! you are going to have a great season, but you might need to get out on the dirt some more;)

Charisa said...

Whoooo hooooo you are going to do awesome! Have a great race and enjoy your rest the day before :)

Oh - and I want to see the single beet!

X-Country2 said...

Good luck!