Wednesday, March 24, 2010

you know you are a triathlete when....

every other book on the shelf is about running, motivation or nutrition.

the only thing left out on the counter is a display of sunscreen because you re-apply for every workout.

swim suits replace towels.

a computrainer and 'the stick' can be found in your bedroom.

race posters are the decor for the laundry room.

the dish rack is composed of water bottles and coffee mugs.

water bottle tops- for some reason- are stored with the wine bottles in the china cabinet.

there are minimum 4 bikes in your living room (garage if you have one).

there is a complete pantry section dedicated to race/training nutrition.

you have a complete shoe rack full of running and cycling shoes- dont forget helmets!

you can do a full load of laundry made up of lyrca, spandex and luon.

to your health,


Caroline said...

please please tell me u don't hand up your cycling jerseys ;) haha

Tawnee said...

So funny and so true! Great post.

I just noticed recently how my swimsuits have taken over all the towel hooks.

And, regarding what Caroline said, I do hang up my bike jerseys b/c my drawers are too filled with other workout clothes :)

X-Country2 said...

Awesome. I can't wait until racing season again.

Slater Fletcher said...

ha ha! I love that. I am GUILTY on just about all of those account!