Thursday, May 13, 2010

the list continued

32. you will hit your highest training volume
33. its okay to celebrate your 'longest ride/run/swim' every time you do it
34. upload new songs to your ipod because workouts are too long to put shorter playlists on repeat
35. mail in your heartrate watch to get a new battery before your training starts.
36. your bed may never be made again until after you race
37. wearing the same pair of socks in a row for two workouts is okay. just dont tell anyone. (ref.#2)
38. have plentiful types of sunscreen everywhere. car, bags, house.
39. your significant other at some point will say ' you sure have worn that helmet on a lot lately'
40. other people will say 'you did what?'
41. be grateful for any types of motivation. especially ones that come as small gifts.
42. fitting everything is a challenge.
43. you will think your legs have a mind of their own.
44. new running shoes will need to be purchased at some point in your training.
45. budget for new running shoes.
46.set small goals for your training.
47. the impossible will seem possible once you get out the door.
48. thank your friends for joining you for training.
49. thank your friends for holding you accountable to your training.
50. you cannot skip out on workouts. its an ironman.
51. nail polish color is now important for important workouts, not just race day.
52. its okay to live in compression wear.
52.5 you will bring fashion a whole new meaning
53. coke and snickers will always make you feel better on a long ride
54. a 3 hour ride will now seem short
55. a 6 hour ride will seem a lot more doable once you have done one or two
56. you may wake up and not know what day it is
57. tired has an entirely different meaning.
58. a sense of humor will take you a long way
59. you may develop an obsession with

to your health,


Mom said...

Go Colleen! Buy a good pair of running shoes and socks on me. Love, Mom

X-Country2 said...

Aww, your mom is so sweet. :o)

Love the nail polish bit. That IS essential.