Monday, May 10, 2010

moms day!

i spent moms day with my awesome queen bee gals! we did a loop up through carlsbad and we all had a great time all expect for maybe my legs!

my ride saturday was another for the books! 106 miles in 6 hours with over 4000+ feet of climbing! and i got to explore an entire new route. i went with teamIMCDA- that is the following group of guys: coach lewy (kevin), eric, kevin, riann and julian. ALL of them are doing IMCDA! this group really does exist- i swear! there was no way to get pictures on saturday. i was either climbing the side of a mountain or drilling my legs to stay up with the crew on the flats. then of course i gave them a hard time about how they all would slow down once they hit a hill... big mistake... then we were 'attacking' hills the entire way home. thank goodness i kept my mouth shut until after the majority of big climbs were over.

my state of delirium continued strait from 105 miles on a bike into my party dress, heels and blown out hair to celebrate it up with justins brother and family in la jolla. let's just say once i sat down at the party i had no desire to get up and move!

in the midst of my overly-busy-too-much-to-do schedule i feel distracted from actually taking in all of the ironman training. im getting in all of my workouts but feel like i just have to get them done. today i took some time and added up the past week: 202 miles on the bike- that is 12.25 hours of riding. 27 miles of running- which is 4 hours of running, 1 hour of swimming, 1 hour of upperbody/core workouts. so just about 18.5 hours of exercise. that is a lot on top of 45+hours of work this past week!! almost 20 hours of training is the most i have ever done and i am happy about it! even though i am distracted because of my real job and my swim job training is going well!

the light at the end of the tunnel is that swim season for high school is over in 2 weeks. i am hoping i will get some more sleep, some more swim time and some more social time. i miss my friends!

this picture is of me and my mom. probably what we were doing at some point on mothers day 26 years ago.

to your health,

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