Friday, June 25, 2010

pre race random-ness

feet are up. literally. this is the view from the Openshaw Family deck. it is amazing to say the least. i have tried to get my feet up as much as possible but yesterday was the busy couer d alene, check it out and check in day!

we drove to town and hopped onto our bikes. justin and i rode all of the run course and most of the bike course that goes along the lake. its just beautiful scenery the entire time! i swam while justin road more. brrrr.... but NOT too bad! i also got to meet Sue- of the famous- Sue and Cloe duo- very fun. did race check in but havent since havent really looked at any of the pre-race to-do. ive been too much on idaho time- just relaxing and enjoying vacation. then we drove most of the bike course that goes along Hayden lake. hilly, beautiful and i am looking forward to the ride!

my biggest pre-race thoughts thus far are trying to invision what the day will be like. mostly the turn arounds are sticking out in my mind. for all swim-bike-run we have 2 loops. once you get done with one loop you turn around. loop two. maybe instead of thinking 'ironman' this entire time i should have thought 'half ironman- 2x!'. that is what it will feel like to me.

besides the loops i am feeling really confident. i have done all of the work that i could have possibly done to get here. i have amazing support at home from training partners and i know thinking about my training with them will help get me through the day! and i am feeling good. rested- good! and i am just excited to do the race! could it be sunday already?

last part of the random-ness to this post is the bike course. it was taking WAY too long to post multiple pics on here but the ride looks incredible! just FUN. i need to conserve my energies for the run but its going to be tough to do on a ride through Idaho! ill do my best but ill be having the most fun on the rollers through Hayden lake!

today will not be much ironman to-do. its friday- ill probably prep my bike later after a quick spin and run. however my sister got in last night and we have a boat, jet skis and canoes at our disposal at this incredible log cabin! taper.... what?? =)

to your health,

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Sue said...

haha, i am not famous silly girl, just a normal joe that saw your beautiful smile and just had to welcome you to our city!!:)Wish your race was what you wanted, but really you have got to be a #1 for trying:)!!