Monday, June 14, 2010

the more you know...

60. when you travel out of town ironman training comes with you.
61. buying running shoes at nordstrom is easier then buying wedge heels.
62. sports bras are easier to buy at nordstrom then regular bras.
63. real life gets in the way of training.
64. you have to deal with it.
65. confidence comes with hard work.
66. finishing an ironman will become more visible as the day approaches.
67. having training partners and friends makes all the long training days worth it!
68. getting excited for the vacation part of going to a race is very fun.
69. even if garmin, ipod and lucky socks are MIA the long run will still need to get done.
70. you will call complete strangers to get a ride suggestion for when you are 'out of town.'
71. you will introduce yourself to complete strangers to find your back when you are lost 'out of town.'
72. if you are lucky those strangers will ride with you until you make it to know where you are going.
73. showing up to your destination 'out of town', on your bike, is completely appropriate. you are training for ironman.
74. commuting to work via bike is a great way to get miles in.
75. swimming with people you coach is a great way to get swim miles in.
76. 10pm is 'going to bed late'
77. waking up at 6am is 'sleeping in'
78. coffee in a water bottle on a bike- not ideal- but will sometimes be necessary
79. copy #78 insert: coffee at the edge of the pool deck
80. scheduling massage must be at the top of the to-do-list
81. referring to multiple #s on the list, ironman is expensive.
82. the tans lines you thought were just 'bad' are now permeant
83. things that have nothing to do with ironman will happen while you are training. hopefully will make ironman seem easy.
84. 'special needs' is a bag that you get on the bike and the run of ironman
85. figure out ahead of time what you will 'need' that is 'special'
86. you will stay in your bike kit- even when meeting clients- because you are getting back on your bike
87. even if you see that horrible pad on your backside
88. a new swim suit is a serious motivator
89. so are new running shorts
90. taper will never seem so wonderful
91. taper training volume is actually more 'normal' volume
92. sleep will come with taper
93. stress will dissipate with taper
94. more time in the day to take in your hard work comes with taper
95. you will now exactly where you get all of your blisters
96. you will also know exactly where you get any chafing
97. hopefully you will know how to prevent both
98. when you said you would write a list of 140.6 things to know about ironman you thought it was sort of a joke
99. when you hit reason #99 you realize the list is just as serious as finishing the race

to your health,


Charisa said...

Great list :)

Mom said...

Your cheering squad is ready! Ironman here we come! Love, Mom

Heidi Austin said...

just found your blog and looove this list~