Tuesday, June 8, 2010

re-group. move on.

life gives us lemons. youve all heard it- make lemonade. well some times the lemons are bigger then other times. they make a bigger impact. sometimes the lemonade looks like a bit more of a complex recipe then to just add ice and water. and more often then not the stupid lemons get in the way of all of the fun. i am dealing with the current lemons thrown my way last week. i think it had to be a pretty big lemon to break the window of my car and have my beloved items of high value stolen from me. i am trying to see how to make light of the situation but the reality is i lost a lot of money, time and things that are irreplaceable. and it sucks. but the real reality is that i or anyone i love is not hurt and for that i very thankful. and in light of getting through this mess i hope it makes ironman seem simple, wonderful and a break from my current lemon.

to back up a bit- i had a fantastic 10 hour training day. it was the entire day to myself. to be selfish. to not report to anyone, anything but what i wanted to accomplish. i am so grateful for the boys, and katya, that pulled me around for 5hours on my bike. to the heat of the afternoon- made me nice and sweaty for my t-run. and for caroline coming to meet me for my second swim! i was definitely beat by the time the second swim came around. besides getting in some yards, it was unproductive in a physical sense. however- it was a huge confidence builder going into ironman knowing i have at least put together a 10 hour day in some fashion. it is possible!

i had an epic day on the bike with matt j in norcal last week. we rode miles of endless road without car traffic and big hills! it was very fun! despite the car break in, i managed to pull off being a bridesmaid and celebrating with a crew of friends and family all weekend in napa. all so over the top fun!! i must say- getting all new clothes, a bridesmaid dress over nighted and walking down the aisle, after what i went through, was exhausting. i really believe ironman will be easier then the weekend i just went through.

i, once again, feel very distracted from a race i should be a lot more focused on. time is still not on my side... but i have 3 weeks left. about 1.5 weeks of hard training and then a week+ of taper. i am really hoping i can pull it off. i know i can finish- its now just finding time!

this week i have my last long run of 3hours today! whaaawhooo! and my last big brick workout: 80mile ride with a 10mile t-run. i also need to get into the water... hoping to make some lemonade this week. empowering myself by doing what is necessary to clean up my lemon mess. re-grouping and moving on.

to your health,


X-Country2 said...

Bummer about the car. :o( Yay about the trainign day though! Way to rock that. :o)

Mom said...

That's my daughter! Love ya, Mom

Kiki said...

You are so ready for Ironman. The way you handled that adversity just proves it! Can't wait to watch you race (albeit online!!)