Friday, July 30, 2010

miss MIA

yes. miss MIA on blog posting. let me fill you in...

1. picture above my best-ies and i in temecula. we got there via limo to taste wine all in celebration for a bach- bash for me. how fun is that?? thank you to all the girls that came and made my day so special! xoxo

2. swim- bike-run repeat. i signed up for IM wisconsin. i bit the bullet and went for it! main reasoning is that i want to finish the damn race. also- for those not familiar- it takes about 1.5 years of planning 'ahead' to sign up for ironman. you have to sign up almost a year in advance from the race date... so right now i would be looking at canada ironman august 2012.... not happening. i got in to wisconsin because i know a coach who was alloted slots and i got to pay above retail. lucky me... but in all seriousness i am really looking forward to the trip. Sept. 12. ironman round 2. because i want to!

3. operation wedding arms. yes- hitting the weight room. its hard for me to maintain a strict lifting schedule with ironman training and a full time job. where is the time?? but ive just been making it. at 2x per week now and looking to be at 4x per week by post race in Sept. triathlon training- while it is my first love- just does not provide the muscle tone one must acquire to look kick-a** in the wedding gown. so motivation- to look good! haha. very fun and a good change of focus actually from S-B-R.

4. are you ready??
this is the real truth to miss MIA:
table toppers, taffetta, gifts, glitter, envelopes, letter press, ink types, ink colors, cake tasting, paper types, paper weights, hair consulting, DJ consulting, calls on flowers, researching flowers, wine/beer suppliers, more calls to flowers, securing rentals as in: chairs, tables, kitchen equipment, scullery tables?, taupe gowns, taupe heels, ivory heels, antique white dress, jewelry, bags, welcome bags, ribbons, candles, hair design, makeup styles, table cloths for bbq, flowers for bbq, transportation booking, hotel booking, honey moon booking (see #5), calling on problems with hotel booking, sheila outfit- yes she will be at the wedding! dress shopping for mom, online dress shopping, online everything shopping, cabo T-12 days!

5. honeymoon booking... we are going to FRANCE!! we are taking bikes and riding 8-10 days in the south of France and then beaching it in Cannes for the rest of the trip! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. my dream trip. cannot wait! but its been a lot of work researching and figuring out where to stay, where to ride, etc!

6. and.... i am off to cabo for a bach-bash with my other besties in T-12 days!

7. today was a 14 miler trail run with a upper body boxing/weight/core workout. followed up tomorrow by a 90 miler to dudleys and back. ironman training in full effect. did i mention i was at the gym with clients also today?? loving every minute.

to your health,

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Kiki said...

Awesome news that you got into another ironman and can finish your business! So excited for you, your honeymoon sounds AMAZING!!!!!!