Saturday, September 11, 2010

madison wisconsin

i know- there are cob webs on this blog site! thats just how its going to roll i have a feeling through the next couple months.

i have never been to the midwest before this week. here are my top favorite things so far:

1. green. everywhere.
2. corn. everywhere.
3. escalators for your shopping cart.
4. everyone is really nice.
5. people wave a lot.
6. the lakes.
7. thought it was flat- but found hills on the bike course. a lot of them.
8. the college town feel, like Isla Vista but with an older feel
9. couches on the decks of the college houses... oh i wish i was still in college sometimes
10. the farmers market- its huge!
11. the veggie garden on the capitols front lawn. ("so thats what that basil should look like..." )
12. the matching cow print bike kits i got as a souvenir.

ironman on tap for tomorrow! more to come...

to your health,

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Charisa said...

Glad you liked the midwest :)