Thursday, December 9, 2010

Married. New Job.

the title subs it up for you. i've been busy. but i'm back!

justin and i got married! 10.17.10 the best day of my life. i never really believed people when they would say that... but to say we had fun is an understatement. we had a blast. to be surrounded by your family and friends, all in one night, is such a surreal feeling. very humbling.

one of many photos...

since returning home from wedding-extravaganza i got a second job. i will continue to do personal training in the morning and evening hours but decided it was time to fill up my days with some residential real estate!

for info/details on my new job click your mouse button here. and for my newest blog to keep anyone who wants to remain updated on our local residential real estate san diego market, national/global market and pretty much anything i find blog worthy pertaining to real estate please visit You're Home.

which means... i will leave this blog dust free with only triathlon, running, weight lifting, weight loss, raw foods, vegan recipes and anything else i find blog worthy to post relating only those topics.

i will start with running. that is all i have been doing. i know in san diego we cannot complain about the weather... but it is just not motivating to get out on a bike early mornings! i nearly froze yesterday morning running in shorts at 7am! literally froze. i ran up one of my favorite canyons in del mar. chest was tight, legs were tight and when i looked down the color of my skin matched my new purple target gloves. not good. especially when i looked back up to see my running partner quarter mile ahead within the matter of minutes!

in all seriousness, despite frigid temps, i am a bit burned out on triathlon at the moment. since finishing ironman wisconsin in september, heading right into my wedding in october (no workout break here), since we've been home all i've wanted to do is run. i really think it is because i never gave myself a break post ironman. and if you've followed my blog at all you may remember i had been training since last january for the IMCDA in june... it was a really long season.

so running these past 4 weeks have been every other day for anywhere between 45 min- 2hrs. yup 2 hrs. i cannot explain it. i just enjoy it! i also signed my butt up for the half marathon in huntington beach... Feb 6th! looking for a PR of course.

glad to be back to blog world.
to your health,

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Tamber said...

congratulations on the wedding!