Tuesday, January 11, 2011


crazy date today not only in the written format but that it really is eleven days into the new year!

our new years resolutions in the walseth house is very simple 'buckle down.' justin and i came up with this over our holiday as we reflected back on 2010 in all of its crazy glory! we had 2 trips out of the country, 3 family weddings, 1 ironman (2attempts) and 2 new jobs! just nuts. this time last year i could have told you what every other weekend had planned for the entire year. so for 2011 we are buckling down at home. staying home and getting to work. it feels good to start a new year with a clean and empty slat.

buckling down also comes with me still getting a feel for an increased work load- not the exercise type just yet- but the 'job' type. it has been fun! real estate is a lot like shopping actually... you get to shop for clients: research homes and their values and find the best deal!

on the exercise/training front i have decided that i need to stay with my 'buckling down' resolution. i am very excited and honored to be a part of the Nytro womens triathlon team again for 2011! this year is going to include a lot more local triathlon racing in southern california and running racing for me. i really want to focus more on running. as i eluded to on my last post it really is the most fun.

this past week i buckled down and actually added up total miles i ran and it looked like this:

monday: off
tues: easy 4miles solo
wed: 10 miles social! the best way to do it
thurs: 3 miles with justin's added 20 sets of stairs and 10 sprint bonus
friday:75 min special from gazelle beth with pick ups
sat: rode
sunday: 1:40 K-mayer special of her 'slow' but really not so slow pace through the ranch

based on my so-called-normal- speed it comes to be about 35 miles! whahhooo! much higher then i thought especially without 'ironman' training.

i have about 2 weeks of hard work left to race the Huntington beach half mary! feb 6th... to be continued!

to your health,

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